Month: January 2015

Emmett Gulley’s Facebook Sock Accounts

This is going to be a running list of the sock accounts that Emmett Gulley is using on Facebook. If you know of any confirmed sock accounts then message me and I will add them to the list.

Steve Gibson

Tom Johnson

Good? What good?

suicide threat

When you stalk children, threaten to rape kids, threaten to kill people, lie about everything all while trying to be a know it all and then claim you have changed only to repeat your past actions why would anyone in their right mind see anything good in you? You bring all of these issues on to yourself and you do it in every forum you enter. What you did to Katie is a prime example; you got a job at McDonalds after being homeless and unemployed since the last time you got out of jail years ago. Then you stalked and harassed a 20 year old female co-worker and got fired. And who did you blame? Your co-worker of course because she complained to her managers about what you were doing to her. Then you publicly went on a rampage trying to humiliate her because she spoke up about your actions towards her. And the end result is that you are still unemployed, you were thrown out of the room you rented and you are now mooching a place to stay off of a disabled woman that you have taken advantage of for decades now.  You bring it all on to yourself each and every time but ignore the fact that you are the real problem. If you really want all of your problems to stop then stop yourself.